BEYOND THE EGO – Consciousness Journeys

The ability to shift at will between the multitude of states of Consciousness gives access to an incredible array of possibilities. Do you want to increase your intuition and have more eureka moments? Access divine inspiration? Access your subconscious? Your Higher Self? Do you want to raise your vibrational state? Attract more Flow and manifest what you want? Do you want to find the meaning of life? Travel across dimensions? Find who you really are? Whatever is that you want, it all starts with the ability to move your awareness, to take it on a journey. A journey in and of Consciousness.

Beyond Maya is a pure experience. You don’t have to do anything, understand any abstract concept, or get somewhere. You can just be and let yourself be guided into a journey that feels inwards until every wall of perception collapses and there is no inward or outwards anymore.

Who is this Maya anyway?

Buddhism and Hinduism have the concept of Maya. According to some definitions Maya is “that which exists, but is constantly changing and thus is spiritually unreal”. Other translations talk of “illusion” and lifting Maya’s veil is to go beyond the illusion, allegedly to find the truth.

BEYOND MAYA is an invitation to a journey of discovery and self-discovery. Is there a veil to lift? Is there a truth to find? And if Maya is all that exists, what does it mean going beyond? In these Journeys of Consciousness, you’ll be in control of your awareness like you probably have never experienced before, and you’ll have the freedom to move it beyond your physical body, beyond time and space… and see what happens.

Travelling in Consciousness is very simple when you know how it works and what you have to do. The guided meditations, the soundtrack, and the PandoraStar Light Machine will help us collectively to move our awareness. Our spaceship, in a sense, that will help us go beyond our five physical senses, beyond our mental chattering and worries, beyond the veil.

We’ll alternate sessions in the darkness, with a blindfold, and sessions under the PandoraStar light machine

With the aid the PandoraStar Light Machine, we’ll assist the brain to gradually and safely transition to the most optimal brainwaves frequencies, as we use a powerful mix of meditations, shamanic techniques, and energy transmission, to start our Journey in and of Consciousness

The mix of specifically designed PandoraStar programs, the music, and the guided meditation have the intention to guide the participants to unhook their awareness from the Ego/Body/Mind and experience a state of interconnectedness, oneness, and unity with All That Is. But letting go of all expectations is the best way to embark on such journey….



  • Arrival and Intro
  • Mugwort tea
  • Opening Pandoras’s Box – short program to familiarise with the PandoraStar
  • First Guided Meditation + Energy Transmission to balance the energy body (VortexHealing, Reiki) 
  • Alternation of rounds of Beyond Maya Guided Journeys followed by group sharing.
  • Final Group Sharing and Closing Circle

*Participants will alternate between rounds under the light machine and rounds with a blindfold.

*Each guided journey will be supported by Energy Transmission throughout the meditation.
*During the rounds under the PandoraStar, groups of max 5 people will lie down under a PandoraStar, close their eyes, and experience the light coming through their eyelids, while another group will follow the same meditation sitting or lying down using a blindfold to experience darkness.


Video Testimonial

I notice that after every session, it’s like a 10 days meditation retreat, it’s like coming to a very grounded place. It’s easier for me to stop my monkey mind, and I’m totally able to not identify myself with my thoughts.

Pandora Star Light Machine


PandoraStar is a device with 12 stroboscopic LEDs that emit flickering white light. The frequency of the flickering is measured in Hertz (Hz) and changes according to the program.

While you keep your eyes closed, the light passes through your eyelids stimulating the optical nerve, generating an inner visual show of colours and patterns.

Specific programs entrain the brain at the same frequency of the flickering light, helping to achieve beneficial states of mind.


To use PandoraStar

Pandora Star is not suited for you if the followings apply to you:

  • You are Pregnant
  • You have had Eye Laser surgery in the last month


  • You have epilepsy or have had seizures in the past
  • You have a diagnosed psychiatric/psychological condition
  • You are under psychiatric/psychological treatment
If you can’t use the PandoraStar, you’re welcome to participate anyway and enjoy all the other ingredients of this magical night.


What to bring?

  • Yoga Mat
  • Blanket
  • Bottle of water
  • Pen and paper to journal your experiences

Some of the venues have yoga mats and blankets. Check the description of the event you’re attending for further info.


How to prepare?

There are no strict rules for consciousness exploration, and everyone is different, but certain factors have proven to be more impacting than others. Here are few guidelines for the most optimal experience.

  • Have a light early dinner or an afternoon snack
  • Avoid/reduce caffeine and sugar intake
  • Have a good night of sleep the night before
  • Wear comfortable clothes.


What participants have said


I fell into a deep space of total blissful surrender into emptiness.


I totally recommend doing a session with Amir with the Pandora Star Light Machine. His guiding meditations were non-interference-like and on the spot, sometimes it felt he was talking directly and only to me. I was definitely quite impressed.  Got some deep insights and felt incredibly blissful, never went so deep (99%) into the container as with this machine.

I transcended my fear of dying…

Great experience once again, I went very deep, and actually started getting more awareness on moving consciousness from the content to the container. I would definitely recommend this experience to anyone interested in diving deep.

The Pandora light is a gateway to magic. The experience itself is a lot of fun, a very safe space to go to the unknown. And it definitely opens something, leaves an imprint that you can keep using in the future. Can’t wait to do it again!

Using the PandoraStar and guided meditation helped me go into a deep state of relaxation, where my boundaries became blurry. I felt how this technology was helping me dive very fast into those states.