Pandora Star Light Machine


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How much does it cost the shipping?
The shipping is free worldwide (shipping taxes might apply in your country)

Is the shipping trackable?
Yes, and a tracking number will be emailed to you as soon as the PandoraStar is handed to the courier.

In the pictures, I saw different tripods, what is best to use?
You can use any standard tripod. If you’re going to use it with groups of people, the small ones are great, cheap, and light. If you have pets or kids you might want to get something more sturdy though.

Can I use it lying down?
Yes, of course.

What’s the recommended distance?
We recommend keeping a distance between 70cm and 100cm from the Lamp to the face.

Should I keep my eyes closed?
Yes. Many people report seeing crazy colours and patterns they connect to LSD, Ayahuasca, or DMT.

What happens if you look with eyes open?
It’s like when you stare at a very bright light. Uncomfortable for all, but people with different light sensitivity will have a different experience. What we recommend: don’t do it.

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