Pandora Star Light Machine

Unleash the power of your brain with just pure light!

It travels with you!

Fully portable and easily fitting in a backpack. Once programmed, or simply using the inbuilt sessions, the PandoraStar can be taken wherever and whenever you wish to use it. It can be mounted and dismounted easily to any number of supports on a standard connection.

Unique Experience

Using a unique inverted triangle array of LED lights that interlock to create a series of hexagrams, PandoraStar stimulates various brain regions by focusing rays of light on the retinas. Through closed eyelids, users experience a “visible” frequency entrainment of kaleidoscopic patterns of colours and psychedelic imagery, which provides an immersive environment for deep level brainwave entrainment.

Who Uses PandoraStar?

PandoraStar is used privately and commercially throughout the world by brainwave entrainment enthusiasts, biofeedback technicians, consciousness researchers, personal development trainers, holistic and metaphysical practitioners, spiritual retreats, float tank centres, health spas – and curious explorers like you.

Powerful and Flexible!

A powerful light entrainment device, PandoraStar uses flickering light to guide your brain to experience a range of beneficial states of brainwave activity, which can be used for many empowering purposes.


How does it work?

Through sequencing and control of flickering light, PandoraStar makes it possible to access any frequency state from 0.1 Hz to 200 Hz. The highly programmable software included allows you to create limitless sessions for all your personal or professional practices.

Full control & Configuration

Through a combination of twelve high-power light emitting diodes (LEDs) and integrated microcontroller technology, PandoraStar produces an almost infinite variety of stroboscopic sequenced light patterns, providing deep frequency entrainment for the brain.

The integrated controller is incredibly configurable to enable the stroboscopic light energies to be distributed and harmonised through different frequencies, waveforms, duties and intensities. Organised as four triangular sets of strobes and with two wavelengths of light, the strobes produce distinct “sequences” of patterns unlike anything else.

Easy to Use

You are not required to program PandoraStar as it comes with a great variety of sessions already loaded and ready to run. Using it can be as simple as selecting a track on your favourite mp3 player.

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