The New Tantra Massage


Opening the Energy Channels

It’s a multi-step treatment to get more connected with your natural flow of sexual life force energy. With various techniques, we open up the blocked energy channels (both externally & internally; called de-armouring) to help bring you back to a natural state of innocent horniness that can flow in your body without needing to be ejaculated out and draining your energy or leaving you frustrated.  In this massage, we work with sexual energy to teach you about your body.

Genital Dearmouring

For women, this massage involves the de-armouring of the vagina and the cervix. For men, the massage includes a deep external massage to relax the contractions in the penis and around the perineum. Releasing tensions and blockages in the genitals will highly increase pleasurable sensitivity and enables you to experience deeper and more blissful orgasms. Both men and women are offered de-armouring of the anus. A yogically open anus enables sexual energy to flow from the genitals into the spine, which is essential if you want to experience full body orgasms.



“Amir surprised me with his strong ability to stay present, grounded and completely attentive and tuned in to what is happening each moment, it created the environment of safety and trust. I felt a lot of encouragement coming from him to go beyond my unconsciousness/comfort zone and become aware of some really old emotions stored in my body and finally, willingly let them go…

I feel that after this session I become more aware of my body, or to say I feel more at home in my body, more present. I can see how this connection with one’s own body is subtly affecting many choices in our life, from the food we chose to eat, to people we choose to hang out with, to activities we chose to give our time to and so on… Only then we are firmly rooted in our bodies, we can get back in touch with our so-called gut feelings, a natural knowing of oneself and what is right for us and what is not. With many people to be present in their bodies a lot of stagnated emotions, traumas and stress have to be released first… As we all have something to let go ?   Thank you, Amir!”


“Amir has an easy manner which helped me to relax immediately. Following the massage, I left feeling lighter, as though a weight had been lifted. I have since been able to relax more during sex and have found that I close my eyes less (which I hadn’t even realized I’d been doing beforehand).”


“My session with Amir was a truly beautiful experience. He has a warm and loving presence and holds a very safe space, I felt able to trust him deeply: he was gentle and open-hearted, yet at the same time not afraid to be firm when I needed that. I left feeling relaxed, opened and back in contact with my core, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Amir has my wholehearted gratitude and recommendation – if you’re in doubt, take my word and go for it!”


“I received a great body dearmoring and massage from Amir. The session was safely held and professionally facilitated, with clear instruction/communication. It left me feeling energized for days afterwards, and more alive in my body.”


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