Inner Connection Session



Train your mind to recognise and pay attention to the multi-faceted  nature of your experience

Connect Within

Connect with your deeper wisdom and let that inform your present moment 


Learn to expand your inner freedom in alignment with what is best for you at all times

What to expect

Duration: 1.5 Hours  

The session is partly structured and partly intuitive.  My role is to
support you during a journey that is mainly defined by you, your intention, and what you experience during your own exploration.

As the flickering light programme comes to the lower alpha and theta range, your brain and body receive the invitation to drop into a relaxed yet fully embodied state. 
The visual experience and the guidance I will be offering you will help you maintain clarity of perception and grounded awareness, opening a wonderful opportunity to dive within with full presence and in total control.

As your experience unfolds,  you speak it out loud, offering me the opportunity to guide you with even more precision and alignment of intent.

Meaning and Purpose

Effortless Relating

Become More Authentic

Easily Move Beyond Obstacles

Increase Your Energy

More Joy


More Focus And Clarity

Tap Into Your Higher Wisdom

Thank you, Amir, for a great session. It took me really deep in ways I didn’t expect, I had a purpose with the session and in the end, I got deeper I got more out of it then I expected.

The session started with a meditation, with a lot of light and beautiful patterns, I could feel my body relax and I felt like I was travelling out in space. What was going on in my mind before didn’t feel so important anymore, I could let go of my thoughts and I felt very calm and connected to everything. The session continued with Amir guiding me to find answers that I was looking for. I felt his guiding taking me just where I needed to go, asking me questions and leading me on the path in my unconscious that I needed to take this time.

I would very much recommend Amir’s guidance, he could really feel where I was at and guide me into a deeper meditation at the same time as he was helping me navigate in my unconscious.

I left the session very grounded and had a very creative and productive evening.


You can experience this session from the comfort of your home, wherever you are in the world, or come and visit me in person. If you wish, you can enhance the session with audio or visual entrainment – ideal for non meditators.


Available: Audio Entrainment with Binaural Beats and Isochronic Tones

In person

Available: Light Entrainment with Pandora Star Light Machine

Testimonials from workshops I lead with the Pandora Star.


A great introduction to hacking the brain, Amir gave some clear explanations on how to explore new realms.”

I don’t remember exactly what you said in the guided meditation, but at that moment I felt like my energy body had left my physical body and entered the speedway to travel far into the universe.

You created a safe and amazing space with the sharings. I learned a lot from it. You got me hooked now and I hope an annual season discount ticket will get available 😉

A very open experience, no fear and a lot of curiosity and understanding of the world. The knowing that all the wisdom is inside of me. This is a big one for me.

Amir is a good guide that pulls from wide breath and depth of practices. I found his guidance very easy to follow and the guided mediation was complementary to the PandoraStar light machine. I had a profound vision which gave me clarity on issues I’ve been pondering on for a long time.

The Pandora light is a gateway to magic. The experience itself is a lot of fun, a very safe space to go to the unknown. And it definitely opens something, leaves an imprint that you can keep using in the future. Can’t wait to do it again!

Better than ayahuasca and psychedelics, much cheaper, you have more clarity!

I fell into a deep space of total blissful surrender into emptiness.

I felt like I was shot through outer space and left my body somewhere on earth.

Great experience once again, I went very deep, and actually started getting more awareness on the movements of my  consciousness. I would definitely recommend this experience to anyone interested in diving deep.

Using the pandora star/guided meditation helped me go into a deep state of relaxation, where my boundaries became blurry. I felt how this technology was helping me dive very fast into those states.

I totally recommend doing a session with Amir with the Pandora Star Light Machine. His guiding meditations were non-interference-like and on the spot, sometimes it felt he was talking directly and only to me. I was definitely quite impressed. Got some deep insights and felt incredibly blissful, never went so deep as with this machine.


PandoraStar is a device with 12 stroboscopic LEDs that emit flickering white light. The frequency of the flickering is measured in Hertz (Hz) and changes according to the program used. 

With eyes closed, the light passes through the eyelids stimulating the visual centres and often generating an inner visual show of colours and patterns. The brain naturally picks up the frequency of the flickering and synchronises to it in a natural process called entrainment. 

PandoraStar can produce a sense of deep relaxation leading to a feeling of well-being and contentment. However, PandoraStar is
not suitable for everyone. To download the consent form click here.

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